You CAN achieve your goals for the new year. Here are some steps to begin your journey.

Many current articles point out that only 12% of the resolutions that people make get accomplished…

There is no reason to be discouraged as long as you want to be in that group of 12%…  I know that I do! I have accomplished 21 of my 23 dreams in the past decade and want to continue my success. I will share my Secrets to Success as we continue on our journey together.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and begin our work:

Begin with 4 sheets of paper. Place one in front of you vertically.
Take a deep BREATH before you read and do each item on this list.  Make it as deep a breath as possible.

1. Without stopping to think too deeply or in too much detail about it, quickly make a list of the TOP FIVE dreams or goals you wish you could make come true in your life. Number them. Use one sentence or phrase for each. No dream is too absurd, too grand or too small, for example:

––write a book
––lose the same 35 lbs you have been trying to lose for years
––learn something new (a language / a skill)
––change jobs and receive a 10% raise
––travel to the moon

2. Narrow the list down to your TOP THREE goals or dreams. Write each one large on the top of its own vertical sheet of paper.

3. For each goal or dream, write some of the actual broad strokes or general steps that you think would be necessary to reach that goal  – just write what you THINK you need to do to reach the goal you wrote about.  Don’t do any searching on the internet. I want you to write down the steps you BELIEVE you need to follow to accomplish each of these goals.

4. Write down the changes you THINK you would need to make in the next 12 months in your life to work toward your goal.

5. Tack the 3 sheets of paper on a wall where you will see them every day during this process. Now take another deep breath. You have begun your journey. To be continued …

Create your best day,
my friends call me Alli Bee