Visualize yourself actually accomplishing your goal and you are more likely to reach that goal.

Hello again, friend!
I always say, SHOWING UP is such an important part of success so I’m glad you’re here.  I’m sure you want to make your dreams come true. You want to turn your Resolutions into Reality.  And I want to help you work on reaching your goals in a very different way than you’ve done in the past.  I want to give you a successful path to follow.
First things first…You need to be strong to reach your goals.  I’m not talking about pumping iron, I’m talking about that elusive something that successful people seem to have.  It has many names: determination to overcome any obstacle, strength of character, a champion’s will, and more.  Luckily, using my method, you can just be YOU to follow your dream. You need to strengthen your resolve so you can SEE your achievement at the end of your journey.  It’s like athletes who get “in the zone” as they train. If you can visualize yourself accomplishing your goal, you are more likely to reach that goal according to neuroscience and psychology studies.
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We are going to DO THIS the easy way, the simple way, the way that you can see results day by day and stay on your course until you can say like I did more than 20 times in the past decade, “I DID IT!  IT’S MY DREAM COME TRUE!!” That’s why I am taking you step by step and giving you my Secrets to Success at a realistic pace that will make all the difference.
I will teach you three important things you MUST DO to help make mind over matter work for you.  I will show you easy steps to train your brain in a simple, special way so you can follow your path to success and achieve your goals, whatever they are.  Dreams or goals are interchangeable because they have become one and the same when I want to make one come true.
It’s time to roll up your sleeves and let’s move on.
Today I need you to prioritize your goals.
1. Take a deep BREATH before you read and then do each item on this list.  Make it as deep a breath as possible.
Place your five sheets of paper in front of you.
Look at each of the TOP FIVE dreams or goals you want to come true – you expanded them and personalized them.  Make sure you are happy with them or make changes now if you feel you need to.  I was serious when I said NO dream is too absurd, too grand or too small. But don’t be a perfectionist with this exercise – nothing is perfect in life as long as you are human.
2. Look over your five dream sheets.  I asked you to put them on separate sheets to make this next step easier.  Rearrange the sheets in order of most important as number one, and least important as number five.  Think about how you ordered them. Make sure that you are completely sure of the order you put them in.
3.  Write their numbers in the top right corner with todays date in pencil so if you change your mind in the next few days, you can change the order.
Okay, that’s it for now. Go relax with your family or friends.  Go play a game. And at some point I want you to think about your five top goals in the order you put them in. Dream about them. And remember to take a few deep breaths as you do.
Create your best day,
My friends call me Alli Bee