Make tiny positive changes in your daily routine and you will reach new goals

Hello again, friend!

So glad you could join me since we both know that the most important part of success is SHOWING UP!  I’m sure you want to make your dreams come true…you want to turn your Resolutions into Reality.  And I want to help you work on reaching your goals in a very different way than you’ve done in the past.

Remember, I will begin doing 30 days of 1-2 minute “couch potato easy” brain fitness exercises in the next few weeks to help you increase your mental strength, improve your speed and creative point of view which will help you gain mind over matter. I want to help you “go with the flow” which will help you stay on your chosen path.

First fill out the form to get my FREE Brain Training Online Game. It can help you develop focus, improve concentration and get more creative in the way you solve life’s daily problems that always seem to throw up roadblocks in our path.

Next, if you are new to my blog and want to work on reaching your goals this year, go back to my first blog post to begin the simple sequence and don’t stress – do it at your own pace. I am here to help you. If you have already begun following my advice, let’s continue.

SO… yesterday we talked about setting up your New Year’s resolutions or goals for the coming year (whatever you want to call them). I hope you made your list of the five dreams you want to accomplish and have begun to think about and write down some steps you want to take, or changes you feel you need to make in your life to reach those goals.

Today I want you to think about those goals a bit more in depth.

1. Take a deep BREATH before you read and do each item below.  Make it as deep a breath as possible.

Place your 5 sheets of paper in front of you.

Look at each of the TOP FIVE dreams or goals you want to make come true – you should have used one sentence or phrase for each.   And remember, NO dream is too absurd, too grand or too small.

2. Refine your dream sentence or phrase.  Expand on it.  Add the words “I want to” at the beginning of your goal and add the word “because” at the end of it and finish the “because“.

For example: I want to lose 35 lbs because my sugar numbers are high and my doctor says I have to take meds for diabetes if I don’t lose weight. I want to get my sugar under control and avoid taking meds.  It couldn’t hurt to fit into smaller clothes for my 35th school reunion as well !!  ;D

That’s enough for now. Go relax. Think about the five top goals you want to accomplish.  Dream about them.  And remember to take a few deep breaths as you do.

Create your best day,

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